THS Northern Region - Paediatric Schedule

Paediatric Clinic Schedule

Fax all referrals to Paediatric Clinic (03) 6777 5242. Address all referrals to the Paediatric Department rather than a named clinician.

General Paediatrics

Dr Ingrid Els Monday
Dr Megan Corp Friday
Dr Neil Atherton Tuesday
Dr Christopher Bailey Monday
Dr David Strong Friday
Dr Natasha Hamilton Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday PM
Dr Jodie Delanty

Monday and Thursday afternoon

Cystic Fibrosis

Dr Neil Atherton, Dr Megan Corp Every 3 months

Eating Disorders

David Strong, Dr Megan Corp, Dr Natasha Hamilton  - Multidisciplinary Weekly on a Tuesday


Dr Christopher Bailey, Dr Ingrid Els, Dr Neil Atherton, Dr David Strong, Dr Natasha Hamilton Monthly at Northern Integrated Care Centre

Early Developmental follow-up

MultidisciplinaryTuesday and Thursday PM

International Child Health

Dr David Strong Third Wednesday of the month

Out of Home Care

Dr Christopher BaileyWeekly Wednesday AM

Paediatric Cardiology
(RCH Outreach)

Dr Bryn Jones Every 3 months

Oncology / Haematology
(RHH Outreach)

Associate Professor John Heath Every 3 months

CF /Respiratory
(RCH Outreach)

Dr Phillip Robinson Every 6 months

Paediatric Surgery
(RHH Outreach)

Dr Ed Fenton
Dr Mathie Mathucumaru 
Every 6 months


Dr Elisa Maloney Monthly at St Giles

Paediatric Endocrine
(RHH  Outreach)

Dr Phoebe StewartEvery 3 months

Paediatric Sleep Medicine
(Sydney Children's Hospitals Network Outreach)

Dr Arthur Teng Every 3 months

Paediatric Rheumatology
(RCH Outreach)

Dr Angela Cox

Every 3 months

Child and Forensic Psychiatrist (Interstate Outreach)

Dr Teresa FlowerEvery 2 months

Craniofacial Surgery
(Adelaide Craniofacial Centre Outreach)

Mr Benjamin Grave
Mr Walter Flapper

Visiting Clinicians - As visiting clinicians only accept referrals from local paediatricians, referrals need to be directed to the Paediatric Department at the LGH in the first instance.