THS Southern Region - Paediatric Schedule

Paediatric Clinic Schedule

Fax all referrals to Paediatric Clinic (03) 6173 0469

General Paediatrics

A/Prof. Sean Beggs (HOD), Dr. Michelle Williams, Dr. Bronwyn Fitzgerald, Dr. Charlotte Whitelaw, Dr. Chris Williams, Dr. Tom Clemens, Dr. Anagha Jayakar, Dr. Melissa Lambeth, Dr. Naomi Tomlinson, Dr. Marie Rauter, Dr. Natasha-Ann Laidler, Dr. Ben Nind, Dr. Mudasir Mushtaq, Dr. Victoria Carter, Dr. Alison Pearce, Dr. Kerryn Atwell

Daily (Clinicians vary per session)

Allergy Dr. Wun Yee Lau 2x per month (full day sessions)
Asthma/Respiratory A/Prof. Sean Beggs 2x per month

Dr. Bronwyn Fitzgerald, Dr. Charlotte Whitelaw, Dr. Tom Clemens

Cystic Fibrosis

A/Prof. Dr Sean Beggs, Dr Naomi Tomlinson

4x per month
Plus Nurse/Allied Health daily/prn

Dr Tom Clemens, Dr. Anagha Jayakar

Weekly x2 afternoons

Some patients are allocated into General Paediatric clinic sessions at triage


Dr. Michelle Williams, Dr. Mark Pascoe, Dr. Geoff Donegan

Eating Disorders

Dr. Michelle Williams, Dr. Melissa Lambeth, Dr. Fiona Wagg (Psychiatrist), Dr. Stephen Morgan (Psychiatrist)

Monday pm (fortnightly), Thursday (monthly) all day
Neonatal follow-up

Dr. Tony De Paoli, Dr. Peter Dargaville, Dr. Hamish Jackson, Dr. Naomi Spotswood, Dr. Sanoj Ali, Dr. Chris Williams (Paediatric Intensivist)

Neurology Dr. Tyson Ware 3 sessions per week

A/Prof. John Heath, Dr. Melissa Lambeth, Dr. Ben Nind

2 days per week/prn.  Plus nurse lead clinic daily
Out of Home Care Dr. Anagha Jayakar Weekly
Paediatric Surgery Dr. Ed Fenton, Dr. Michael Ee, Dr. Mathie Mathucumaru Twice weekly

Dr. Elisa Maloney, Dr. Marie Rauter


Visiting Clinicians, from Royal Children's Hospital - only accept referrals from local paediatricians, therefore a referral to General Clinics is required:

  • Cardiology (4x year)
  • Endocrinology (3x year)
  • Rheumatology (2-3x year)
  • Gastroenterology (4x year)
  • Hepatology (4x year)
  • Respiratory (yearly)