Physio Fast Track

Patients who are referred to the RHH Plastics Clinic with the following conditions will benefit by being referred to physiotherapy while they are on the waiting list for their appointment with a surgeon.

  • Trigger finger
  • OA CMC joint of thumb
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The Lead Plastics Nurse will

  • review the referrals and identify the conditions appropriate for early physiotherapy intervention
  • photocopy appropriate physio referrals and leave at hand physio
  • return the original referral for triaging as normal with consultant.

Hand Physio will review referral and pass on to Physiotherapy Receptionist who will ring patient and ask the following questions:

  1. Have you had physiotherapy for your condition? When?
  2. Have you ever tried using a splint to help with your condition?
    If patient answers "yes" to question 1 or 2 patient will stay on specialist waiting list no further action.
    If answer is "no" to both questions, proceed with following questions:
  3. Would you like to trial physiotherapy and/or splinting for your condition while you are waiting for your doctor's appointment? You will not lose your place in the doctor's waiting list.
  4. You will be referred to physiotherapy either at RHH or Community Health Centre and will stay on the waiting list for a specialist appointment.
  5. If you are prescribed  a splint there may be a cost for the splint of between $15.00 and $40.00.
  6. There will be a wait to access physiotherapy services, but it is much shorter than the surgical consult waiting list.

If patient consents to trialling physio, then receptionist enters the patient on the physio waiting list and the physios organise the appointment.

 After completion of physiotherapy

  • If patient has recovered such that they no longer require surgery – discuss with patient and then lead nurse plastics will remove from waiting list
  • If patient's condition is so severe that they should be moved forward on waiting list or re categorised – discuss with lead nurse plastics
  • If patient's condition is stable then no action – patient to remain on waiting list in their original place.

Clinical Redesign initiative:  Reviewed 10 November 2015