Tongue Tie Clinic


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Assessment and management of the suspected tongue tie. If tongue mobility is limited and feeding is affected, release of the tongue tie will be offered.


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Outpatient assessment and treatment for babies up to six weeks of age with tongue tie which is limiting feeding and thriving.

 Older babies and children with tongue tie will be seen in Paediatric Surgery clinics, and if a procedure is indicated this will be performed at a later date under general anaesthetic.

Referral process

Referrals need sufficient information to allow triage and act as a clinical handover and must confirm to the standard – see For Clinicians

Mr Niall Jones, Paediatric Surgeon, will see the babies on Wednesday mornings from 9.00am together with a Lactation Consultant at the Paediatric Outpatient Department of the RHH.

If the tongue is considered to be tethered and affecting feeding, a release of the tongue tie will be offered. With parental consent the procedure will be performed immediately. This entails some sucrose for comfort, and bipolar diathermy to the frenulum in the Outpatient Department. 

Parents are permitted to stay with their baby throughout.

The Lactation Consultant will offer feeding support immediately after the procedure.

There will be a follow-up phone call the following day to check baby's progress, and Mr Jones will offer a six week follow-up in clinic.

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Additional information

For more information please see the Tasmanian Health Pathways website.