Direct access to Outpatient Hysteroscopy Service

29 Nov 2016

Did you know that THS-South provides outpatient hysteroscopy procedures for clients at its Women's Health Clinics?
THS-South began offering this service at Women's Health Clinics in 2014. The aim is to speed up the referral and treatment time for women, while eliminating the need for another appointment before the procedure.
Women suitable for outpatient hysteroscopy may be referred directly to this service by their General Practitioners without the need for a Gynaecology Clinic appointment first.
GPs may fill out the referral template  which is available on the Primary Health Tasmania site. There is a clear referral pathway which shows the workup that is recommended prior to referral.
This will speed up access for suitable patients and improve admission to theatre for other patients.
The feedback from those who have already received the procedure has been positive.