Midwifery Group Practice success

20 May 2014

The Midwifery Group Practice (also known as Caseload) began operating around two years ago, and has proven to be a positive and popular new model of care for women across Hobart.

Last December the practice expanded into two groups of midwives, allowing up to 600 families a year to be cared for.

Women are allocated a primary midwife who will provide the majority of her pregnancy care, as well as having the opportunity to meet their backup midwife. So far the Royal Hobart Hospital’s MGP is achieving 85% continuity for either the primary or back up midwives being present for labour and birth. Midwives remain on call and have flexible working hours to help meet their clients’ needs.

One of the highlights of MGP is its home-based postnatal care. When women and their babies are both well, families are able to receive postnatal care in the comfort of their own home. Women have a hospital stay of approximately four to 12 hours (unless there is a medical reason for their hospital stay). The midwife then does daily visits for the first few days in the woman’s home, and is also available for any phone queries between visits. Women are then seen on a needs basis with an average of six to seven visits in the home, up until 10-14 days postpartum.

Feedback from women is exceptionally positive and the job satisfaction for MGP midwives is high. 

MGP has recently moved to 329 Main Rd Glenorchy – featuring four consult rooms and a family-friendly waiting space. Women can also be seen by their midwives in other centres closer to their homes in Kingston, Huonville, Clarence, Sorell, Brighton or Chigwell.