Adolescent Gynaecology

The Department will periodically contact patients waiting for an outpatient clinic appointment via SMS, with a link to an electronic form.  This is part of routine waitlist auditing to ensure patient details are up to date.  If you receive this SMS, please update your details.


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Pre-referral work-up


Any gynaecological problem in a girl or young woman aged <18

Most often this includes problems with periods, including primary or secondary amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia, delay or abnormal development of secondary sexual characteristics or ovarian cysts. However, any gynaecological problem in the <18 age group may be referred

When to refer

  • Any abnormality on tests
  • For management of troublesome irregular periods, especially when fewer than six periods per year.
  • Significant menorrhagia with drop in Hb<100
  • Primary amenorrhea
  • Secondary amenorrhea (>6 months)

All referrals should comply with referral standards and include in particular:

  • Details of the condition to be treated including past investigations and treatments trialed.


Depends on the presentation and can include:

  • Ultrasound of the pelvis
  • Bloods: LH, FSH, TFTs, bHCG, PRL, E2
  • If menorrhagia: FBE, iron studies, coags, Von Willebrands Antigen
  • If signs of increased androgen then DHEAS, FAI, SHBG
  • If ovarian cysts then consider the tumour markers, most importantly Ca125

Interim/GP management

To refer a patient with this condition, please see the Gynaecology clinic page for the full referral process and templates.

For more information please see the Tasmanian Health Pathways website.

Red flags are clinical indicators of possible serious underlying conditions requiring further medical intervention. They may or may not indicate an emergency.


Proceed to Emergency Department (ED).
LGH ED Reception  – Phone: (03) 6777 6405  Fax: (03) 6777 5201
MCH ED* – Phone: (03) 6478 5120  Fax: (03) 6441 5923
NWRH ED* – Phone: (03) 6493 6351 Fax: (03) 6464 1926
RHH ED Reception – Phone: (03) 6166 6100  Fax: (03) 6173 0489

Advice for medical practitioners can be given by the Medical Officer In Charge (MOIC) - see HealthPathways Tasmania for contact information.
*MCH and NWRH MOICs request GPs call them prior to referring a patient to ensure the patient is being sent appropriately to a safe destination.


Urgent referrals should be accompanied by a phone call to the Consultant/Registrar to organise urgent review.

We will endeavour to see these patients within four weeks, or sooner if clinically indicated.


We will endeavour to see these patients within 12 weeks


Will be seen in turn.