Oncology Late Effects Clinic

The Department will periodically contact patients waiting for an outpatient clinic appointment via SMS, with a link to an electronic form.  This is part of routine waitlist auditing to ensure patient details are up to date.  If you receive this SMS, please update your details.


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Assessment and management of cancer patients, post completion of all disease specific follow up, with long term adverse effects of multi-modality/high dose treatment.


North South North West Statewide


THS Southern Region

For survivors of cancer who have been in remission for more than five years who may be experiencing  long term side effects of their treatment or cancer.  Referral is made as for all Oncology Clinics.

Patients under 18 years should be referred to Paediatric Oncology Clinic and the referral will be forwarded to this clinic if appropriate.

Referral process

A referral (preferably faxed) is required for all new appointments and must conform to the Referral Standards as outlined on For Clinicians.

Specific requirements include information about previous treatment especially if not obtained at the Tasmanian Health Service - Southern Region.

Clinic Appointments - This clinic occurs twice per year and there are no emergency appointments.

Referral template

For use by health professionals only

Additional information

See Managing long-term and late effects of cancer treatment

For more information please see the Tasmanian Health Pathways website.