Telehealth Tasmania

Telehealth Tasmania

A telehealth appointment is an easy way to access your health care without having to travel to the clinic or hospital to see your clinician. You use a video link to have your appointment and if you like, you can ask family members, carers or friends to sit in on the appointment with you.

Through Telehealth you can have your appointment from your own home, local health centre, or GP surgery, linking by video to your clinician.

Your clinician will decide if it is okay for you to have a telehealth appointment - if you need to be physically examined or have tests, you may need to attend in person.

Telehealth can:

  • Give you better access to healthcare
  • Make it easier for family or friends to attend appointments with you
  • Reduce your travel costs
  • Reduce time away from home, and
  • Reduce the amount of time you need to take off work to attend appointments.

Telehealth Tasmania's role is to provide technical and appointment support. We can check that you have the right hardware to receive your appointment invite and use the video link to join your appointment.


The Tasmanian Government has boosted telehealth services in response to COVID-19 to support social distancing guidelines while ensuring Tasmanians have on-going access to their clinicians.

The Commonwealth Government through Medicare Benefits Schedule provisioning for COVD-19 have stated that "Videoconference services are the preferred approach for substituting face-to-face consultation."

Providing feedback about telehealth